Cariboo Lager “14 for the price of 12” Limited Edition BONUS packs available in BC!

We originally released Cariboo Lager 6 packs back in May of 2022, and it was obvious from the beginning that British Columbia was not only liking, but CRUSHING our newest addition to the Cariboo herd.

With so many requests for MORE of this sleek blue can, we released the Cariboo Lager 12 case soon after to try and quench the thirst of beer drinkers not only in BC, but in Alberta, too!

For our latest Cariboo Lager-related release, We wanted to give anyone who hasn’t tried this delectable new nectar one more reason to give it a go, SO keep a look out for a Limited Edition “14 for the price of 12” pack of Cariboo Lager at private retailers across British Columbia available as of October 6th and score 2 FREE BEERS with your 12 pack purchase on specially marked “14 for 12” Cariboo Lager packs for a limited time!

Haven’t given this brand new Boo a try yet? Pick up limited edition “14 for 12” packs while supplies last and see what everyone’s been talking about! Our newest member of the family has been turning heads and quenching thirsts since its release, and is an easy-drinker at 5.0%. ABV. with a smooth, crisp, cold-filtered finish that’s made with pure spring water right here in British Columbia.

Look out for this limited edition Fall drop in sleek 14 can “fridge packs” at your favorite local private retailer in BC.


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