Pacific Western Brewing

Established 1957

British Columbia’s longest-established independent brewery, proudly owned and operated in BC. Since 1957, our mission has been to deliver top-quality alcoholic beverages to Canadians at honest, competitive prices. With a commitment to tradition, innovation, and community, we continue to uphold our legacy of brewing excellence and satisfying the diverse tastes of our loyal customers across Canada.

Our Brands

At Cariboo Brewing, we’re all about creating easy-drinking lagers and strong beers that won’t break the bank. We love British Columbia, and we show it by pitching in for reforestation. Every time you grab one of our beers or vodkas, you’re helping us plant trees and keep BC green.

A West Coast classic since the eighties, Pacific Pilsner brings the laid-back lifestyle to every sip. This crisp, refreshing beer is perfect for beach days or backyard hangouts. With Pacific Free, our gluten-removed lager, and Pacific Schwarzbock, our strong beer, there’s a Pacific brew for everyone. Enjoy the West Coast, wherever you are.

Pacific Cool Vodka Soda’s are crisp, refreshing, three-ingredient beverages that reflect the easy-going West Coast lifestyle. Perfect for any occasion, they are ideal for those seeking a refreshing, low-calorie drink and for those who value simplicity and purity in their beverages.

Pacific Wave takes the essence of our Pacific Cool Vodka Soda and amplifies it with more alcohol and bolder flavours. Perfect for those seeking a more intense and flavourful refreshment, and available in our two most successful Pacific Cool flavours – Blood Orange and Lemon Lime.

Wild Thing Hard Soda’s pack a bold 7% alcoholic volume and are bursting with flavor, offering nostalgic twist on the sodas of yesteryear. Now available – Fruit Punch.

Cariboo Hard Root Beer blends our original Root Beer recipe, with Canadian-made vodka. Notably, Cariboo Hard RootBeer is the FIRST of its kind to support reforestation efforts, with partial proceeds going towards projects wherever Cariboo Brewing products are sold, making every sip a step towards a greener future.

Canterbury Dark Mild is Canada’s first copper-colored lager. Caramel-bodied with delicate aroma hops and a satisfying finish, this beer pays homage to the pinnacle of British brewing traditions.

Ironhorse Strong undergoes a longer fermentation process with special yeast, contributing to its higher alcohol content. This full-flavored lager features strong malty aroma complemented by sweet notes. Despite potency, Ironhorse Strong is remarkably easy-drinking and pairs well with food. 

TNT is brewed for strong beer lovers who appreciate bold flavors. Designed for drinkers who valued high ABV and affordability, this beer is available at 8% ABV in BC, as well as 6% ABV in Alberta.

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