Our Story

Pacific Western Brewing (PWB) believes that as a company supporting our people and the community where we live and work is important. From the beginning, PWB has invested in activities and projects that make a positive impact and contribute to the well-being of our community.


First malt liquor in Canada After a series of beer releases, great success was achieved through the launch of the “Uncle Bens Malt Liquor.” 


Prince George Breweries Ltd. took over the brewery New company headed by PG businessman Bob Naismith and his partner Nelson, started its operation. However, the brewery was taken over by Old Fort Brewing in 1981 and there were several ownership changes throughout the 80s.  


First dark mild beer in Canada Canterbury Dark Mild was launched to pay tribute to Britain and the Canterbury Cathedral. 


Strange Brew filmed on location Strange Brew was filmed at Pacific Western Brewing’s headquarters. This film was a 1983 Canadian comedy starring the popular SCTV characters Bob and Doug McKenzie (portrayed by Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis who also served as co-directors) as they get jobs at the Elsinore Brewery, only to learn that something is rotten with the state of it.


First dry beer in Canada


Kazuko Komatsu became seventh owner of the brewery The brewery really started to claim its place as a stable, job-sustaining, quality-focused, community-oriented cornerstone in the Prince George business community.


First ice beer in Canada


First malted herb beer in Canada


First lager/lime beer in Canada After experimenting with flavored beers, the Dude Lime beer was launched. 


Improved quality Became the inaugural brewery in North America to adopt the certified ISO 9002 quality assurance standard.


First certified organic lager beer in Canada


First Canadian Gold Medal Winner at the Industry International Awards in Munich Germany


Silver award for the American-style dark lager


Improving technology PWB installed a 10 hectolitre (HL) small batch pilot brewing system in 2013 that allows the brewery to develop new leading-edge recipes and offer one-off beers and seasonal releases. The equipment complements PWB’s existing production system that is responsible for the brewery’s entire product lineup with annual production in excess of 150,000 HL.


Sponsoring the Canada Winter Games PWB sponsored the 2015 Canada Winter Games in the city and supported a number of charities including the Prince George Foundation, the three Prince George Rotary Clubs and others.


60th anniversary of brewing on the banks of the Nechako in Prince George The words of the first brewery’s president, Donald Lauder of Vancouver, echo back through the decades: “We are more firmly convinced than ever that the company’s choice of Prince George as its home was its soundest step.”


Helping the forests A team of more than 90 tree planters plants 100,000 seedlings on Crown land that had been scorched by the devastating Elephant Hill forest fire.


Improving the brewery The brewery invests $4 million in technological upgrades.


New beer release Release of the first batch of Pacific Free: A “gluten removed” lager for a discerning, health-conscious generation of beer lovers.


Cariboo Genuine Draft wins bronze trophy Pacific Western Brewing’s Cariboo Genuine Draft was awarded a bronze trophy in the “light lager” category at the Canadian International Beer Awards in Edmonton, Alberta.

We Support Sustainability Across BC

Climate change is happening, but we’re not going to sit around and wait for the end. We’re taking on initiatives and supporting organizations that help protect and clean up the environment and the places we live in BC.

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