Cariboo Cares: Reforestation Program

Recognizing the environmental effect and importance of these ecosystems, Cariboo, a division of PWB, is actively contributing to sustainability through a reforestation program. Since 2010, the brewery has been investing in tree planting initiatives to give back to the community, customers and the province. This reforestation program is a central aspect of the brewery’s dedication to environmental care, symbolizing a long-term commitment to replenishing and preserving BC’s lush forests for the benefit of the community and future generations.

Pacific Supports:
Ocean and Lakes Cleaning

The Pacific Western Brewing hopes to contribute to a healthy earth for future generations by actively contributing in the cleaning of these crucial ecosystems.
Recognizing the significance of aquatic environments, the program emphasizes the importance of cleaning oceans and lakes to preserve biodiversity, restore ecological balance, and ensure the well-being of both marine life and human communities who rely on these ecosystems.
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