NEW RELEASE: Pacific Cool Vodka Soda Mixer Pack 2.0!

Our Limited Edition Pacific Cool Vodka Soda Mixer Pack dropped in early summer 2021 and was an instant hit! It sold out WAY quicker than we anticipated and you showed us not only how much you like Pacific Cool Vodka Soda, but that you also liked to mix it up! The original Mixer Pack moved so fast that we barely got to try any ourselves, so we’ve decided to bring it back AND give it a more permanent spot in the Pacific Cool Vodka Soda lineup of ready to drink beverages.

We took all the feedback you gave us about the Limited Edition Mixer Packs and produced Our NEW Pacific Cool Vodka Soda Mixer Packs 2.0  with classic favorites like: Lemon Lime, Blood Orange, and we added our newest flavors Sour Cherry and White Peach into the mix(er) too!

Keeping up-to-date with everything Pacific Cool has never been easier, because you can scan our new QR code on the front of every mixer pack to head over to our social media to see whats new!

Pacific Cool Vodka Soda is made using pure BC spring water, Canadian-made vodka, and a crisp, light, flavor profile. There is no added sugar, 0 calories, no preservatives, and each 355ml can weighs in at just 100 calories each.

Look for the Pacific Cool Vodka Soda Mixer Pack 2.0 at local private stores across British Columbia as of October 18th!

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