Wild Thing Is Coming With A New Flavour: Fruit Punch

We’re excited to introduce Wild Thing Fruit Punch, the newest addition to our Wild Thing Hard Sour family.

Wild Thing Fruit Punch perfectly captures that classic flavour profile and blended it seamlessly with our smooth vodka to create a hard soda that’s bursting with juicy goodness.

Big Flavour, Big Can

This new Wild Thing flavour comes in a generous 473 ml can, perfect for enjoying by the pool, on a relaxing patio, or whenever you need a refreshing pick-me-up. Whether you’re chilling it down good or pouring it over ice, Wild Thing Fruit Punch Soda is the ideal summer companion.

Look for the new Wild Thing Fruit Punch Soda at your local liquor store today! Unleash your wild side (responsibly!), and enjoy the refreshing taste of Wild Thing Fruit Punch Soda!

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