Now Available in Alberta: Cariboo Honey Lager!


Ever since the initial release of our very first can of Cariboo Genuine in our hometown of Prince George, and across the province of British Columbia, Our friendly neighbors in Alberta have been knocking on our door with requests to get they’re hands on some too!!

With an overwhelming amount of requests coming in, we just had to do the neighbourly thing and make that happen!

Soon after that initial release, cases of Cariboo began landing “next door” at Alberta’s numerous private liquor stores, and many “Cheers!” were had and heard while Albertans across the province crushed ice-cold cans of Cariboo.

With the introduction of this new-to-Alberta species of beer came a surge of new requests for more flavours of Cariboo Beer, with “Cariboo Honey” taking the top spot being requested almost daily!!

Well, for 2023 we’ve made it happen and we wanted to tell you first before everyone starts buzzing about it, because this news is pretty sweet: Cariboo Honey is NOW AVAILABLE in Alberta!!!

Keep your eyes peeled for our signature orange can at private liquor stores across Alberta with our original recipe inside that’s brewed with the perfect amount of Real BC Honey to produce a true BC Honey Lager.

Looking for Cariboo Honey at a private retailer in Alberta near you? Stop by for a full list of retailers with Cariboo Honey in stock as well as all of the Pacific Western Brewing products they carry, to get your hands on some





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