ON SALE This Month: Cariboo Light 15’s!

If you weren’t already aware, Cariboo Light has been a staple in the Cariboo family of beers for quite a few years now, and is a lower-alcohol replica of our OG award-winning Cariboo Genuine recipe, weighing in at 4% ABV. With a dry character profile, and no overall bitterness, Cariboo Light is brewed for the beer lover looking for less alcohol and calories, without sacrificing any of that tried and true Cariboo Brewing taste.

Looking for a genuine, crushable, light lager that’s nicely priced and low on not only alcohol content, but calories too? 4.0% Cariboo Light might just be what you’re looking for at just 100 calories per 355ml can.

Speaking of nicely priced, Cariboo Light 15’s are ON SALE as part of our Limited Time Offers for the month of February, with Cariboo Light 15 packs being the best priced Light 15’er at participating private retailers across British Columbia, all month long!!

Haven’t given Boo Light a go before? Take advantage of this Limited Time Offer on Cariboo Light 15’s while you can, and you might just find your new favourite Light option!

Keep an eye out for these inflation-fighting 15’s of Made-In-BC Light Beer at local private liquor stores, and if you aren’t seeing them in your neck of the woods just yet, make sure to request them at your local Cariboo retailer in British Columbia.

Find more info on Cariboo Light RIGHT HERE

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