Ocean and Lakes Sustainability

This year, Pacific Western Brewing will be supporting Divers for Cleaner Lakes and Oceans and Aquatic Monkey, two organizations of volunteer divers who dive into various oceans, lakes and other waterways to remove trash.

We want to be a part of a world that future generations may enjoy, and that begins and ends with caring for the environment where we live.

Why We Do It


Protect the habitat for a wide variety of aquatic wildlife


Conserve biodiversity and ensure the survival of aquatic species

Protect Nature

Preserve our precious oceans and lakes

How it Works

At Pacific Western Brewing, we believe in the importance of preserving our natural environments, especially our precious oceans and lakes. We are sponsoring this year two organizations for their activities to clean lakes and oceans, and other waterways.

Dives to Do
Drinking Containers to be Recycled

Divers for Cleaner Lakes and Oceans

Divers for Cleaner Lakes and Oceans is a group headed by Henry Wang. They are based around the North Shore and have done over 200 clean ups since 2013.

Since its inception in 2013, this organization has undertaken over 200 clean-up initiatives, leaving a lasting impact on the aquatic ecosystems they cherish.

Henry and his team of dedicated volunteers are not afraid to dive into various oceans, lakes, and waterways to remove trash that threatens the beauty and health of these natural treasures.

Aquatic Monkey

Clayton Helkenberg, under the name Aquatic Monkey on Youtube, is a diver from Chilliwack. His passion for freediving and his dedication to preserving our underwater environments are evident in his nearly 400 videos documenting clean-up dives and thrilling aquatic adventures.

At Pacific Western Brewing, we’re proud to support these dedicated eco-warriors in their mission to protect and preserve our oceans and lakes. Together, we can make a significant impact and leave a cleaner, healthier planet for generations to come. Join us in this important cause and let’s make waves of positive change together.

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