Taizan Komatzu

President and CEO

Starting in the 1990s, and under the strong leadership of its former President & CEO, Kazuko Komatsu, PWB began to manufacture a series of high-quality products. I have inherited President Kazuko’s strong will and strive to not only maintain but also improve the quality of our products. Additionally, I’m working on developing a variety of new products to satisfy the needs of our customers.

PWB was founded in 1957 and has built up a tradition of quality brewing and a series of achievements with the support of our customers and the community. In 2022, I’m excited to be a part of a company celebrating its 65th anniversary.  

All of our products are made from natural spring water that has been refined over many years in the vast wilderness. Every day, I appreciate nature’s gifts and am also deeply grateful for the support from both those in the company and the larger community as well. 


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