Our Brands

We have a large catalogue of products including, beers, vodka, and non-alcoholics drinks.


Cariboo Brand

The Cariboo family is easy to put into words: they’re drinkable down-home BC vibes you know and love.

Pacific Brand

PWB’s “Pacific” family of beers and vodka soda have been West Coast classics since the eighties, brewed using an ISO-certified, all-malt recipe and our pure BC spring water, which is an essential ingredient in all our great brews. 


Canterbury Brand

“Innovative taste” would probably be the best way to describe our unique flavours of Canterbury that offer all the qualities of a dark beer with a refreshing crisp taste. 

Wild Thing Brand

A familiar, full-flavoured throwback to your favourite grape sodas of yesteryear, Wild Thing Hard Soda balances sweet with sour, and tart with tangy, for a mouth-watering mix of classic flavoured soda.

Choose how refreshing you want to feel

Check out all the products that we are offering and experience a large variety of tastes and flavours.

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